Collage 2015


  Cathays High School is a caring and harmonious school where students are encouraged to excel and exceed beyond their expectations. The teaching, learning and wellbeing of all students are at the very heart of our daily practices. Achieving success is an expected norm. The school has, through a process of collaboration and partnership, improved its examination performance at all stages for the third year in succession. It is a dynamic place in which to be, where individual strengths are identified and developed; a place where teachers strive to realise the potential of each individual child and a place where no child is left behind.

  The school lies in the suburbs of Cardiff in the Roath and Cathays wards. It is a school steeped in history and tradition. The first stones of the school were laid in 1929 and the first pupils arrived two years later in September 1931. The school was originally two separate schools – one for boys, and one for girls. This changed in 1969 when Cathays High School for boys, Cathays High School for girls, Gladstone Secondary Modern School and Allensbank Secondary Modern School were combined into the single high school we know today. 61% of pupils come from other areas of Cardiff and attend Cathays High School as a result of parental choice.

  Today Cathays High School caters for a full comprehensive mix of students. There is a well-established programme at the school for more able and talented learners and children as young as 11 have achieved examination success through early entry for GCSE, AS and A level programmes. A significant number of our students progress on to Russell Group Universities (i.e. the top ranking universities in the UK). The school also provides specialist provision for pupils with autism. Through high quality teaching and learning, participation in enrichment activities and access to new technologies, we ensure that the young people in our care have the opportunity to grow into creative, critical thinkers as well as capable and responsible young adults. Cathays High School is a school where there are ‘Opportunities for All.’