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Cathays High’s mission statement is Opportunities For All. This is not an idle pledge or a meaningless platitude. It means that we are committed to helping every single student reach their potential and achieve success regardless of their background, social circumstances or educational need.

To do this effectively it is essential that we get to the know the students as well as we can as quickly as we can. This requires a successful transition process between ourselves and the students and parents of our partner primary schools, something that we pride ourselves on.

How do we get to know the students?

We begin to go out and visit students in Year 5. We run several sessions a year for students in Years 5 and 6 that involve us going out to the primaries and also running exciting transition days at Cathays that give students that opportunity to come into Cathays and experience a day in the life of a secondary pupil. Already this term we have been visited by Year 6 students from Allensbank Primary, Albany Primary, Roath Primary and St Monica’s Church of Wales Primary. Students were given the chance to do some cooking, drama and basketball and it was a pleasure to see their enthusiasm for the experience.

Why do we begin the process so early?

At Cathays we see the relationships between students and staff as a key feature of our success. Giving students the opportunity to come to school regularly in advance of their arrival in Year 7 allows students to get to know the staff and the processes of the school. Even more importantly, it allows us to begin to understand the needs of the students and provides us with essential information about each student and their requirements for success. If we know the students – we can prepare appropriately. In line with our ‘Opportunities For All’ motto, we recognise that some students with complex needs may require an enhanced transition process and can be invited to attend school regularly in the run up to beginning secondary school.

Who runs the transition process?

Mr Jay is responsible for planning the transition of students into school. Throughout every academic year, Mr Jay will be in regular contact with the primaries and is happy to help with any enquiries that you may have. You can contact Mr Jay at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Activities that we offer as part of our transition process?

Mr Jay meets with our cluster Headteachers every term to ensure communication between Cathays High and our feeder Primary Schools is of the highest quality. There is a transition morning at the end of September where our feeder Primary School Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to spend the morning at our school experiencing a number of lessons including Music, Drama and PE (through our Basketball academy coach) as well experiencing a tour of the school and meeting and getting to know pupils from other Primary Schools.

Cathays High is officially a Basketball Academy and therefore this provides us with an outstanding opportunity to enhance our transition process. There are Year 5 and Year 6 basketball coaching sessions every Monday and Thursday in our sports hall from 4.30-5.30pm with Manny, our basketball coach. These coaching sessions are tailored on fun and enjoyment. The aim is to improve overall hand-eye co-ordination skills, not solely focussing on basketball skills.

On October 19th, our annual Open Evening is held which gives parents an opportunity to see the exciting activities which take place throughout our school and also provides them with a chance to see our talented pupils performing on stage in our upper hall.

Mr Jay along with the KS3 and KS4 Head Boy and Girl visit each Primary School before Christmas to teach and deliver a lesson and further introduce the pupils to Cathays High. Each school will also visit us individually after Christmas to experience a variety of lessons and get to know our teachers. Other activities we offer throughout the year include a Cooking Transition Day (October half-term), Film Club (Thursday November 30th), a Christmas Disco (Wednesday 13th December), a basketball tournament as well as a football tournament between our feeder Primary Schools. This will be held in the summer term on the same evening as our Summer Fair.

Finally, we have our new parents evening on Monday 16th July which is when all our prospective parents come and meet the Year 7 Head of Year as well as the form teachers. This provides them with an opportunity to see the school but also ask any questions they may have. Our new pupils also get to experience a full day at the school, which will take place on Thursday 19th July this year. We are a welcoming community so do not hesitate to visit or get in contact. 

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