"A Town of Many: Recording Butetown Religious Landscapes for Social Inclusion" project, is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and it aims to record the religious urban landscapes of the Butetown and Cardiff Bay areas of Cardiff in order to provide second language acquisition educational resources, to promote social inclusion, and the UK values to refugees and newly arrived migrants. The project focuses on the past and present religious buildings and the communities which are associate with them and investigates how these shaped the diverse character of today’s Butetown. Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Bristol and Cathays High School constitute the partners of this project.

The New Arrival students of Cathays High School have participated actively in the ‘Town of Many’ project. So far they have started exploring the different religions and cultures in the diverse area of Butetown in Cardiff, by visiting the Norwegian Church, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Noor El Islam Mosque. In these visits, with the support and guidance of Archaeologists and Cultural Heritage experts, the students recorded the buildings, took measurements, completed survey forms, took pictures, and interviewed local people. They also completed online interactive data forms and wrote creative writing tasks like the design of a map, the creation of a leaflet and the writing of a narrative.