12th March 2021

Dear pupils, parents and families of Cathays High School,

I am writing to update you on our arrangements for home testing of pupils in years 10, 11, 12 and 13. This process will begin when students to return to school on 15th March. The Minister for Education and the Minister for Health and Social Services announced on 22 February that the offer of regular, twice weekly, Lateral Flow Tests will be extended to all those of upper secondary age.

The purpose of the self-testing is to quickly detect asymptomatic adults, ask them to self-isolate as soon as possible, reduce the likelihood of clusters and outbreaks in settings and the disruption that brings to education. You should not take a Lateral Flow Test if you are displaying symptoms. If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, please book a PCR test.

Test at home kits have been delivered to all schools and settings in order for staff and students (in years 10,11,12 and 13) to take twice weekly tests. Testing is voluntary, but those who are eligible for tests are strongly encouraged to participate to further reduce the risk of asymptomatic transmission within the workplace. We will provide each pupil with 6 tests which should last until Friday April 16th.

For those taking part, the test will need to be carried out at home and the result will need to be logged on the reporting form.  If your test result is positive, you are required to have a confirmatory PCR test. You will be required to immediately self-isolate if your test result is positive, and you will receive a phone call to book a confirmatory PCR test appointment within 24 hours of submission of the result form. Please notify the school if your test result is positive so we can begin the track and trace process.

To view a video on how to take the test, please click here.

For information on the self-isolation process in the result of a positive test, please click here.

For guidance on asymptomatic testing in education, please click here.

Yours faithfully

Stuart Davies



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 Testing in Education - LFT Flow-chart 

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