Below are some key dates in this year's school calendar.

Autumn Term

Tuesday 1st September to Friday 18th December

Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October

Planning and Prep Day Tuesday 1th September
Planning and Prep Day Wednesday 2nd September
Year 7 Transition Day Thursday 3rd - Friday 4th September
Sixth Form Erloment Thursday 3rd - Friday 4th September
First day back to school for the all year groups Monday 14th September
Prize Evening (school Sports hall) - 6:00pm Wednesday 23rd September
Primary School Visits
Friday 25th September
Full Governing Body Meeting - 6pm Wednesday 30th September
Governors' F&S Meeting - 6pm Wednesday 7th October
Open Evening 5pm Thursday 8th October
Governors' CS & PM- 6pm Wednesday 21st October
Year 9 Interview/options evening Thursday 22nd  October
Inset Day Monday 2nd November
Inset Day Tuesday 3rd November
Governors' P&CC Meeting - 6pm Wednesday 11th November
Years 10 - 13 Virtual Parents Evening Thursday 19th November
ESOL S&L Exams Tuesday 24th November
ESOL S&L Exams Wednesday 25th November
Full Governing Body Meeting - 6pm Wednesday 25th November
Year 11 A Level Demonstration evening/open evening Thursday 3rd December
ESOL Reading Exams Tuesday 8th December
ESOL Writing Exam Wednesday 9th December
Year 7 Christmas Disco 6pm Wednesday 9th December
Christmas Celebration at St Mark's Church - 6pm Thursday 17th December
Year 11 Reports issued Friday 18th December
Last Day of Term & Non-Uniform Friday 18th December


Spring Term


Tuesday 4th January to Friday 26th March

Half Term - Monday 15th February to Friday 20th February

INSET DAY Monday 4th January
Bring a Parent to School Day Tuesday 19th January
Governors' F&S Meeting - 6pm Wednesday 27th January
Governors' P&C Meeting - 6pm Wednesday 10th February
Eisteddfod Friday 12th February
INSET DAY Monday 22th February
ESOL S&L Exams Tuesday 2nd March
ESOL S&L Exams Wednesday 3rd March
Year 10 Reports issued Wednesday 3rd March
Governors' CS&PM Committee - 6pm
Wednesday 10th March
Full Governing Body Meeting - 6pm Wednesday 17th March
Year 9 Virtual Parents Evening (inc HE) Thursday 18th March
Spring Concert - 6pm Wednesday 24th March


Summer Term

Monday 12th April to Monday 20th July

Half Term Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June

Year 9 & KS3 HE Reports Issued Friday 16th April
Governors' F&S Meeting - 6pm Wednesday 28th April
May Day Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May
Full Governers Body Meeting -6pm Wednesday 5th May
ESOL S&L Exams Tuesday 18th May
ESOL S&L Exams 
Wednesday 19th May
ESOL Reading exam Tuesday 25th May
ESOL Writing Exams Wednesday 26th May
INSET DAY Monday 7th June
Governors' CS&SM Committee - 6pm
Wednesday 9th June
Governors' P&C Meeting - 6pm Wednesday 16th June
Presentation Evening (Reardon Smith) 7pm Thursday 17th June
INSET DAY Friday 18th June
Year 7 Virtual Parents Evening Thursday 24th June
Full Governing Body Meeting - 6pm

Wednesday 30th June

Year 8 Virtual Parents Evening Thursday 1st July
Sports Awards Evening - 6pm

Thursday 1st July

Sports Day (KS3 only)

Tuesday 6th July

Governors' F&S Meeting - 6pm

Wednesday 7th July

Year 7 & 8 Reports issued Wednesday 7th July
School Prom

Thursday 8th July

New Parents' Evening - 6pm

Monday 12th July

Year 6 Induction Day

Thursday 15th July

School Trips Day

Thursday 15th July

Last Day of Term & Non-Uniform Day

Tuesday 20th July

A Level Results Day

Thursday 12th August

GCSE Results Day

Thursday 19th August

School Calendar

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