Listen Again To The Project


2018-19 Project



This year we embarked upon an exciting Creative Radio Broadcasting project, we had a group of Students from across the School broadcasting a live radio show on a selected day most weeks until Easter. Our listening audience came from Parents, Carers and Friends of the School living in and around our catchment area as well as from further afield.

Our project wasn’t just about reaching out into our community, it was also about developing vital communication skills for the success of our Young People. We had Parents and Carers and Friends of the School to texting in and tweeting with their comments, votes and answers to competition entries. Feedback and Praise are vital components for our broadcasting team and because we were ON AIR LIVE, these comments were read out on the show.


Show 1 Friday 11th January 2019
Show 2 Friday 18th January 2019
Show 3 Tuesday 29th January 2019
Show 4 Friday 8th February 2019
Show 5 Thursday 14th February 2019
Show 6 Wednesday 20th February 2019
Show 7 Wednesday 6th March 2019
Show 8 Friday 15th March 2019
Show 9 Friday 22nd March 2019
Show 10 Friday 29th March 2019
Show 11 Tuesday 2nd April 2019
Show 12 Wednesday 3rd April 2019



2017-18 Project

Last year Cathays High School was given the opportunity to be part of the Arts Council of Wales Lead Creative Schools scheme.

A Group of Year 8 students worked together to select and appoint a Creative Practitioner to lead the project.

Our students chose a local animator (Chris McFall) who taught them to use an animation program called Blender.

The topic for the animations was ‘Microbes and Disease’ – something they had been studying in their science lessons.

Over ten weeks the class worked together to write, animate and record their stories. The animations were amazing; we could not believe how quickly the class developed their techniques to produce some outstanding pieces of work!

See the finished animations below!

(Click HERE to view the YouTube playlist in full)