Dear parents,

It has been a lovely start to the school year and we have been delighted to welcome your children to Cathays High this term. Could I please make an important request of you all which is of paramount importance for the safety of all children, colleagues and the wider community?

There has been a lot of families parking illegally on Crown Way on the double, yellow lines and even the zigzagged lines of the Zebra Crossing outside the school gates. These are highly dangerous and are very likely to lead to a serious accident which could injure one of our students or colleagues on duty. Please refrain from parking on these under any circumstances. The Police and traffic enforcement cars do patrol the area at random during the morning drop-off and evening pick-up and will issue penalties for traffic offences. However, those are of little consequence compared to the possibility of contributing to the injury, or worse, of a child. Parents should also not use the main school car park for dropping off children. There have been a number of serious near-misses over the first few days of school where families using the main staff and visitor car park have narrowly avoided hitting some of our vulnerable students who are dropped-off or collected in taxis.

Parents are able to pull into Maindy Car park, opposite the school gates on Crown Way, to set down or pick up their children at the start and end of the school day. I appreciate this may add a few minutes to the journey time and therefore it is vital that you plan this in to the timings when preparing and leaving for the journey to school. Alternatively, you may wish to consider working out a travel route using the school designated Cardiff Bus services (618 & 619) which drop-off and pick-up outside the school gates on Crown Way each day, or an alternative bus journey. This would reduce the volume of traffic outside school and considerably lessen the risk of accidents and injuries.

Kind regards,

Stuart Davies