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September 2021                  

Dear parent or guardian,

The school / immunisation nursing team will be visiting your child’s school to offer children the nasal spray flu vaccine.  This year the programme has been extended and flu immunisation will be offered to all pupils from reception class to year 11 in high school, this is part of the wider planning for winter. It’s very important to protect your child from flu to make sure they stay as healthy as possible, as both COVID-19 and flu are likely to circulate this winter. Flu is caused by viruses and spreads easily. Anyone can get flu but children have the highest rate of infection and flu can be serious for them.Complications can include bronchitis, pneumonia and ear infections. Some children get so ill they need to go into hospital.Immunising your child will also help reduce the chance of children spreading flu to others who are at high risk from flu, such as young babies, grandparents, and those with long-term health conditions.

Our school nurse/immunisation team will work with education to deliver the programme according to the Welsh Government Covid-19 guidelines that are current at the time. You will soon receive a link from your child’s school to an electronic consent form for the nasal spray flu vaccine along with information and a notification of the vaccination date. Please complete the electronic consent form as soon as possible. You will be able to access the electronic consent via emails, text message, schoop, twitter, QR code or any other communication platform you child’s school may use.

If you have any difficulties accessing / completing the electronic consent form or need any further advice please contact the immunisation team on:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone: 02920 907678

The nasal spray flu vaccine contains a small amount of porcine gelatine, it is used in vaccines as a stabiliser to ensure that the vaccine remains safe and effective during storage. Unlike the gelatine used in foods, the product used in vaccines is highly purified and broken down into very small molecules. Flu vaccine injections do not have gelatine in them, but they do not work as well in children. If you would like your child to have the flu vaccine injection you will need to make an appointment with your GP surgery for this. Your child will NOT be able to receive the flu vaccine injection in school. If the nasal spray flu vaccine is not suitable, please complete the consent form as appropriate

If there are any changes to your child’s health before the vaccination session, please ensure that you notify the school nurse as their immunisation may need to be delayed.  

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Dredge

Senior Nurse

Children, Young People and Family Health Services (CYPF)

Information about flu vaccination for children  

The flu vaccine for most children is a nasal spray. It will help protect them and the people close to them against flu. It’s easy for you to make sure they get it, all you need to do is fill in the electronic consent form which will be sent to you via a link from your child’s school approximately 3 weeks prior to the immunisation session.

Flu is serious

Flu spreads easily, and with society getting back to normal it is likely that flu rates will be higher this year alongside circulating COVID-19. People of any age can get flu, but children have the highest rate of infection, and flu can be serious for them. Complications can include bronchitis, pneumonia and ear infections. Some children get so ill they need to be admitted to hospital. You can read more about flu and possible complications here: www.phw.nhs.wales/fluvaccine. 

Benefits of the nasal spray flu vaccine for children

Flu vaccine helps protect children from flu and also helps stop them spreading it to family and friends. Some children can still get flu after having the vaccine but the infection is usually milder. The vaccine is a simple painless nasal spray, which gives them better protection than a flu injection. Your child will have their maximum protection starting around two weeks after having their vaccine.

Flu vaccines are safe

Over the years, millions of children in the UK have had the nasal spray flu vaccine and it has been shown to be very safe. The flu vaccine cannot cause flu. Like all medicines, the nasal spray flu vaccine may cause side effects for some children. Common side effects include: a runny or blocked nose, a slight temperature, tiredness, a headache, a reduced appetite or aching muscles for a day or two after the vaccine. You can report any side effects online at: coronavirus-yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/ or via the Yellow Card app. The flu vaccine will be provided in a COVID-19 safe environment.

There are very few reasons for children to miss out on their flu vaccine

It is perfectly safe for your child to have the flu vaccine if they have a cold or minor illness on the day. 

Your child should NOT have the vaccine IF:  

  • have had a serious allergic reaction to the vaccine or any part of it;
  • are on long-term aspirin (salicylate) treatment;
  • have needed intensive care following a severe allergic reaction to eggs or egg products;
  • have had oral steroids in the past 14 days;
  • have a wheezy chest on the day of the vaccination or in the previous three days;
  • have increased the use of their asthma inhaler in the last three days;
  • have a condition or treatment that weakens their immune system;  or
  • are in close contact with someone who has a very weakened immune system and needs to be isolated (for example, after a bone marrow transplant).

If your child cannot have the nasal spray because of one of these reasons, they will be offered a flu vaccine injection instead, and the school nurse will advise you on this.

The nasal spray vaccine is best for children, and like some other medicines it contains traces of highly purified porcine gelatine. If this is an issue for them, it doesn’t mean your child should miss out, you can request a gelatine-free flu vaccine injection from their GP surgery. For a full list of the vaccine ingredients, visit this website: www.medicines.org.uk/emc/ and enter ‘Fluenz Tetra’ into the search box. 


For more information about flu visit www.phw.nhs.wales/fluvaccine

New Arrivals- Thursday 9th September- pupils are to go to the 6th form area at 8.30am.

Year 12 AS Level/GCSE resit- Monday 13th September. Timetables are available on SIMs student or can be collected from Main reception after the 8th September. Welcome assembly at 8.30am in the 6th form area for all students.

Year 13 A Level- Thursday 9th September

Friday 3rd & Monday 6th September 2021 are INSET days.


Pupils are to return to school on the following days: 

Year 7 - Tuesday 7th September 2021 


Years 8 to 11 - Wednesday 8th September 2021


Years 12 & 13 - Thursday 9th September 2021 

 6th Form enrollment information can be found here.

For all pupils receiving their results this week they will be released on the following days.

AS and A Level results – Tuesday 10th August

GCSE, additional Level 2 and Entry level results – Thursday 12th August


All official results will be made available on SIMS Student. As pupils have already received their provisional results there is no need for pupils to attend school.


For help with SIMS Student, take a look here

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance (students only) .


Accessing your National Reading Test Result.

  1. Log in to Hwb in the usual way. If you have forgotten your login, search your school email address for an email from IT support with ‘Hwb’ in the title.
  2. When you are logged in, Click on Menu.
  3. Click ‘Personalised Assessments’.
  4. You should see the tests you have completed and a tab called ‘View Feedback’. Click to open the Learner Feedback for your English Reading test.
  5. Read the feedback.
  6. If you have any difficulty accessing your feedback, your English teacher or Mrs Wallace will help you to access it in school in September.
  7. 7.If you did not get to complete the test there will not be any feedback available. Do not worry if this is the case. You will not be in trouble nor will your sets or levels for next year be affected.
  8. Guidance for Parents/carers is below

HWB NRNT Results