Cathays High School has a vibrant and lively Sixth Form which aims to develop students both socially and academically.

The Sixth Form has an active committee, a head boy and a head girl and a dedicated team of pastoral and administrative staff. The Sixth Form play an active part in the life of the school, often organising charity events, chairing meetings, addressing large audiences during open evenings and concerts, helping in lessons and meeting and greeting numerous guests to the school.

The Sixth Form aims to bridge the gap between compulsory education and the world of work or higher education by allowing students independence whilst maintaining a level of care.

Class sizes are usually small and a team of form tutors ensure personal support and guidance. Students are encouraged to monitor and assess their own progress and performance by analysing their own grades, marks and teacher assessments but a programme of achievement review is also in place.

Students have study periods in which they may use the Sixth Form Study area which is fully equipped with computers and resources for all subjects. Students can also go off-site to use Maindy gym free of charge or to undertake work experience or community participation activities.

    Being an “A” Level Year 12 Student:

“Being a sixth former means you’re given more responsibility and are expected to behave responsibly. You’re the senior pupils and need to set an example to the younger ones. “A” levels aren’t a “breeze”. You have to put more time and effort into your work, not just in school, but at home. The work is harder and most courses are modular which means you don’t have to sit all your exams in one go and you get a chance to improve your grades.

There are, however, plenty of benefits to being in the Sixth Form. Not only are you furthering your education, you are also maturing and have more control over your school life. Free periods are used for study, which means you can plan your time more easily, and you learn to manage your own time better.

As long as you are determined, enthusiastic and prepared to work hard, even more than you had to for GCSE, then you are half way there”.